EA Global Integrated Sdn Bhd aims to become a global prestige distributor for premium smartphones, wearable, IT devices, and mobile solutions through its resellers and business partners' extensive network.
The company aspires to become the key distributor of consumer electronic products internationally.


EA Global Integrated aims to be an international leader and distributor for cutting-edge mobile and electronic products.


EA Global Integrated strives to meet the marketplace's evolving demands competitively by providing innovative and top-notch mobile and electronic products.


EA Global Integrated is committed to upholding the quality of its products and services delivered to its customers.


EA Global Integrated treasures people, experience and integrity. It commits to offer a competitive price paired with outstanding customer services towards its clients, prospects and employees.


EA Global Integrated supports international operations through an extensive sales and distribution network throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia – Pacific. It serves more than 100 resellers in 18 countries.

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